Welcome to It’s Situational, an ed-cast ultimately about life. More specifically, you’ll find information about a variety of topics including psychology, relationship, spirituality, self-sabotage, health and communication. So, like I said, you’ll find information about life.

The notion of something being situational hearkens to the concept of time and timing. This is why I chose the logo to be represented by an hour glass. I’m fascinated by the pouring of sand through the narrow waist of an hour glass and quite cognizant of the fact that time passes as slowly or as quickly as we are engaged with the moment we’re in.

It is my hope to inspire, evoke and provoke a different perspective, move you to an “Ah Ha!” moment or affirm something you may be struggling with so you’re inspired to a solution. What I present is for your consideration and for diving deeper to learn more. I have lived and continue to live a very examined life. I believe that it is in the process of continuous improvement and understanding there can be great joy and freedom. Socrates is noted for having said, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” While I subscribe to this idea to some extent, I would say, “A self-reflective and self-aware life, can hold the keys to deeper more meaningful relationships, more profound love and potential beyond what you may be experiencing the moment.”